Coal Quality

Coal Quality

Coal Characteristics: Barapukuria's coal is mainly homogeneous but having dirt band, vitreous to sub-vitreous luster weakly coking coal. Cleasts are present but filling with pyrites or chalcopyrites.

Rank of Barapukuria Coal: In accordance with USA Ranking System (ASTM Method) Barapukuria Coal is High Volatile Bituminous Coal. So, this is an Industrial Standard Coal.

Gross Calorific Value: 25.68MJ/Kg or 11,040 Btu/lb or 6,072 kcal/kg.


The composition of this are given as follow:

Composition of Barapukuria's Coal

1 Ash 12.40%
2 Moisture 10.00%
3 Fixed Carbon 48.40%
4 Volatile Matter 29.20%
5 Sulpher 0.53%