Development of Coal Mining

Coal Reserve in Bangladesh

S.N.Name if the Coal FieldReserve in Million MT
1 Barapukuria, Dinajpur 390
2 Khalaspir, Rangpur 685
3 Jamalganj, Joypurhat 5450
4 Fulbari, Dinajpur 572
5 Digipara, Dinajpur 865
6 Total = 7962 MMT

Barapukuria Development Of Coal Mining

In 1987-1991, the UK-based firm, M/S Wardel Armstrong, conducted financially with the financial support of ODA, to conduct a socio-economic survey on the coal reserves. Barapukuria Coal Mine Development Project" was taken by Petrobangla to lift the coal discovered on the basis of the results, and the project got the approval of ECNEC on 21-04-1993. After the project approval, a construction agreement was signed on 07/02/1994 under Petrochemical and China National Machinery Export and Export Corporation (CMC), under the supply loan to set up a ground floor of 1.00 million metric tons of coal production capacity. Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Limited' was formed under the Companies Act 1994 on 04-08-1998 for the implementation of the Mine Development Project, and then for the production of mining production activities. On completion of the development of the mine, it was taken over from the construction contractor on 06-09-2005 by issuing taking over certificate and a contract agreement was signed with CMC-XMC Consortium to commercial production of Coal from the mine. 

Contract And It's Activities

 First M&P Contract and it's activities

A Production, Management & Maintenance (M&P) contract was signed between BCMCL and CMC-XMC on 04 June 2005 over a period of 71 months to produce continuous coal from the coal mine, the contract price rate of 82.30 million US dollar. According to the M&P agreement, the contractor’s target production was 4.75 million metric tons of coal in 71 months. Actually 3.65 million metric ton coal was produced in this contract. Actually, less than 1.099 million metric tons of coal was produced less than the target level.   

Other's Development Of Coal Mining


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