Environmental Control

Environment Management

Appropriate steps have been taken by the company to preserve environment. As part of this, 40,000 saplings of various species have been planted on 113 acre of acquired and leased land. Saplings of various species were planted this year. The mine water released on the suface is treated through water treatment plant using requisite amount of chemical substances. Chemical and bacterial test of the mine water is done every month to ascertain whether it contains any hazardous substances. Water flows at a quantity of 2,300 cubic metre/hour through an 8 kilo metre long canal to Fulbari and Nwabganj Upazila. During dry season, this water is used for irrigation over an adjacent area of nearly 30 thousand acres. Owing to existence of trees and plants and prevalence of favourable environment in the mine area, seasonal birds throng here to build nestles and expand their speices; this has created a pleasing environment in the area.