Complimentary Letter

Barapukuria Coal Mining Company is financially very beneficial due to produce more coal than the target under the cotract Production, Management, Maintenance and Provisioning, contract no- BCMCL/06/134/2011.  After the expiry of the contract, a new MPM&P contract (contract no- BCMCL-640/134/2017) has been succesfully completed for producing 3.205 MT for the next 4 (four) Years.

According to the decision of the 267th meeting of the BCMCL Board of Directors held on 16-08-2017, the management of the company has been given a letter of appreciation and a complimentary letter, due to the continuation of the company's development in the mutual co-operation of all employees of the BCMCL and Bangladeshi workers under the contract of XMC-CMC Consortium, on behalf of the Board of Directors of BCMCL.