Monthly Activities

The geologist’s of BCMCL always (shift basis) monitoring the changes of geological and hydrogeological condition of production faces and development headings, time to time preparing the geological and hydrogeological updated report and sending to the authority for a successful management of coal production from Barapukuria Coal Mine.

Information comprises from underground lithology / formation (compilation of strata), strata strength, structural systems i.e. nature & orientation of fracture, joints, faults etc. or any geological disturbances, boreholes water table data analysis & its graphical representation and hydrogeological information (underground water inflow in various point). All sorts of required geological & hydrogeological information were collected from existing roadway headings / longwall faces or particular points/roadways exposed in underground Mining district to furnish the report. In addition some graphical representation of underground water inflow, water temperature, surface temperature and humidity were included in to the report as monthly basis.