Water Extraction

Barapukuria Coal mine is situated under the water bearing layer (aquifer) Formation Dupi Tila. The average thickness of this water bearing Dupi-Tila formation is around 107m and situated above the coal bearing Gondwana Formation. Besides these water is also available in the coal bearing Gondwana Formation. At present, the total discharging amount of water from Barapukuria Coal Mine (August 2017 to March 2018) is around 2280m3/hr. The source of this water is Fracture, Fissure, Faults, Dykes and Damaged Gob Area created in the above layers of the whole Mine during the development and production period of the mine.

There are two sumps and two pump stations in underground of the Barapukuria coal mine. The mine water being accumulated into the sumps are discharged to surface by 13 nos. of pumps.

The present scenario of the mine water inflow is given below:-

Period Average Water Discharge(m3/hr)
May  to December 2014 2,009
January to December 2015 2,103
January to December 2016 2,284
January to December 2017 2,294